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How to maintain the value of your home

Posted on 19 April 2018 by admin (0)

A home is a place full of value, but if not properly taken care of, it can lose its value within a short time. A well-maintained home is the one which is healthy to live in and also has little negative impact if any to the environment. Our friends over at Favor Home Solutions have talked about the important on knowing the value of your home. Here’s some tips they’ve given!

Advantages of maintaining your home in good conditions.

It increases durability.

A poorly maintained house is prone to tear and wear from the environmental factors as well as human activities. Water, for example, can cause rotting of wood or formation of molds. Rotten woods and timber create weak spots in buildings and also pose as health hazards. Putting a fence around your home keeps away persons whom may maliciously want to destroy your property.

Reduce cost of replacement.

A repair activity is cheaper than a replacement operation. However, if repairs are not done in time, you will have no other option apart from buying a new item and replace the broken one. For example, if you fail to repair a crack in a wall, the wall may actually fall in the near future. This will mean building a new wall which will be more costly compared to the cost which would have been incurred if the crack was repaired on time.

Improves health and reduce instances of diseases.

A poorly maintained home has bushes around the house and within the compound. These are hiding places for pests, insects and other animals which are not part of your home. These animals are disease carriers and can infect both human and your pets with these dangerous diseases and mites.

Reduces liability.

Liability is an obligation to do something. A well-maintained home ensures that the risk level is maintained at the minimum. The low-risk level is a positive attribute in respect to liability. For example, lead paints can cause poisoning to animals or fish especially when it is carried by rainwater. Any resulting loss is counted on the homeowner where the poisoning originated.

Steps to take to ensure proper maintenance practices are put in place.

  • Ensure there is proper drainage to avoid incidences of trapped water in ridges. Stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes as well as a potential source of bilharzia.
  • Ensure your house is well ventilated to ensure free movement of air. This will reduce instances of moisture buildup which can result to molds.
  • Use proper paints which are lead-free and also which are fire resistant.
  • Take a home insurance cover just in case anything happens and causes a loss of properties.
  • Employ pest and wildlife removal techniques to get rid of dangerous animals from your compound.
  • Erect a fence around your home.

How to restore the value of your home.

If due to one reason or the other you had neglected your home and it resulted in a loss of value and degradation, you can hire the services of home maintenance experts so that it can be maintained back to normal before starting to employ normal maintenance practices.